Olds Search and Rescue Society


Who We Are - Mission

Olds Search and Rescue will train for and respond in a professional manner to, the RCMP's request for assistance in handling, search and rescue emergencies, and be a resource to the Town of Olds, County of Mountain View and the Province of Alberta.

This mission will be carried out in the following ways:
1. Mitigation Identifying hazardous areas, activities or situations and assisting in educating the public about these hazards and ways to avoid, minimize or even eliminate them when practical to do so.
2. Preparedness Training all search and rescue team members in basic SAR skills and supporting special training for more technically demanding emergencies.
Development of resources and training activities which will strengthen and support our group skills in the SAR effort in our area.
3. Response
Responding to calls for assistance in searching for lost or missing persons and rescuing persons in distress within the training and performance capabilities of the individuals in our group.