Olds Search and Rescue Society


Who We Are - History

The idea of forming a volunteer agency within the Town of Olds that would be trained and ready to assist in the case of an emergency began in 1989. After much work and consultation the essence of the group was given form and support. The Town provided the initial funding to give life in January 1990 to 'The Olds Emergency Response Team'.

The team was given the mandate to assist police, fire and ambulance as required. Training in first aid, emergency evacuation and reception procedures was undertaken and over the next ten years the group demonstrated its value on many occasions.

As with all volunteer groups membership has its ups and downs and in the spring of 2001 members began the process of expanding its mandate by taking training in SAR Fundamentals and in January 2002 the group officially changed its name to Olds Search and Rescue. At the March 2003 annual meeting of Search and Rescue Alberta the Olds group was given full membership in SAR Alberta and added to the vast search and rescue resource located in the province.