Olds Search and Rescue Society

Hug-a-Tree and Survive

Olds Search and Rescue Society began delivering the Hug-A-Tree and Survive training to youth in the grade 3 and 4 age group as a public service to the community in 2002. Since starting the program it has grown in popularity and we have conducted countless sessions in local schools and to youth groups throughout central Alberta.

The training (PDF brochure) is designed to provide children with the tools and confidence to make wise decisions should they become lost in the woods. The most important actions a child can take are to stay put, hug-a-tree and respond to searchers when they hear their name being called.

To arrange a course for your class or group contact our Hug-a-Tree coordinator by email attention Jack.

In Canada this program is sponsored by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. You can find information on the resources available and on how to get them at this RCMP site.

In the United States a good source of information on the program is available from the National Association for Search and Rescue. If you are looking for more on the history and future of hug-a-tree and survive then look at the NASAR site hug_a_tree_program.php.