Olds Search and Rescue Society

Search is an Emergency!!! Call 911 Immediately!!!

*** This we do that others may live ***

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*** Olds Search and Rescue Society will be required to move to to a new location by late 2017 and has entered into negotioations for a permanent home into which we can move or onto which we can build a new office and storage facility. Too this end Olds Search and Rescue needs to raise a substantial amount of funds. If you can help financially with the fundraising please click the donate button below. Thank-you. ***


Olds Search and Rescue Society is a ground SAR group, trained for both urban and rural settings, living in central Alberta. Each member has made a commitment to continued training in order to provide timely and effective assistance to those in need. For information on how to contact Olds Search and Rescue Society please click on 'Contact Us - Olds' to the left. You can also view and print our informative PDF brochure.

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